The Pill : Addressing the Scientific And Ethical Questions of the Abortifacient I

Linda K .Bevington, M.A. and Russell DiSilvestro, M.A., Ph.D. *

This new resource consists of an updated collection of articles addressing the complex question of whether the birth control pill sometimes act to cause the death of an early embryo. This question has caused some couples, physicians, and pastors to cease use, prescription, and/or advocacy of the pill, while others remain unconvinced of its alleged abortifacient effect. Authored by physicians and other professionals, the packet’s numerous articles outline the scientific evidence (or lack thereof) being pointed to in support of each position. The myriad of ethical questions raised by this issue are also reflected upon by those on both sides of this debate. The packet’s introduction goes beyond the abortifacient question, encouraging the reader to engage in thoughtful reflection on such matters as the use of contraception in general, God’s design for marriage and the family, the purposes of sexuality, and the impact of the decision concerning pill use on the woman’s lifestyle and health. Also featured are FAQs, position statements of major Christian organizations, and an annotated bibliography