Herbert Doms (1890-1977). Precursore della concezione personalista del matrimonio

mardi 24 septembre 2013

K. Glombik - Rivista di Teologia morale - n° 173 - vol. 44 - janv.-mars 2012 - p.79-98*

(en italien)

Herbert Doms is a known precursor of the personalist concept of marriage. In this perspective, the article examines the principal elements : the conjugal love as base of marriage, the understanding of the consorts’ vocation to be parents and the interpretation of the teaching on the aim of marriage. The principal aspects are exposed referring to the writings of Doms ; subsequently, they are critically thought in reference to the magisterium of the Church and of some theologians’ writings ; finally, they are considered the elements of Doms’ thought still relevant in the today’s understanding of marriage.