La via cristologica alla legge naturale alla luce della Scrittura. In margine al documento della Commissione teolocia internazionale sulla legge naturale

mardi 6 décembre 2011

Réal Tremblay - RM Trivista di teologia morale - 167 - sept. 2010 - p.429-440 *

The reflection is set out in three steps tightly connected. The first one underlines the origins of the human being beginning from Christ. The reference to the beginning can free and strengthen an essential structure of the human and of its doing, structure made dark and therefore equivocal for the sinful plots of the individual in the history. Subsequently, in the same perspective, there are considered other constitutive steps of the "history of salvation". It concludes with the "fullness of times" where the data previously met will be found again but, this time, assumed, purified and above all lead to completion by Christ.